The Very Sincerest Brand of Ignorance


I grew up in Rhode Island, the smallest New England state (in fact, smallest of all fifty), and loved it. I get homesick every time I see a Farrelly Brothers movie, choked up about the Red Sox, and (occasionally and alternately) crave clam cakes or wieners and coffee milk. No; not coffee with milk; coffee flavored milk. Don’t knock it, it’s delicious. Anyhow, my rather intimate knowledge of the six (and only six) New England states, prompted the very premise for this blog entry.

Honestly, the people you can’t tell anything they don’t already know, are an annoying lot. But these are also, the kings and queens of absolute stupidity. The purest of fools, are those who will not be taught. The sincerest and most absolute ignorance is to refuse to learn something new, for fear of admitting that you don’t know, or (God forbid) are wrong. I’ve known very insistent absolute tools, my whole life. They are full of false “facts”, based upon conjecture, hearsay, and just plain stupidity. I don’t use this word loosely and wouldn’t brandish it for someone whose ignorance (quite a different thing) can’t be helped, but only for the Fool, who chooses to remain so.

To keep an open mind; to ever learn anything worthwhile; we must first embrace the fact that, well, to put it frankly, we don’t know shit. Only a hundred years ago, women died in childbirth, and children died from colds. Frequently. We haven’t come terribly far, as a species (when you count cancer, AIDS, and heart disease), unless you were to measure us by what we can do with a phone.

Individually, we have to acknowledge our own ignorance. As a species (all of us, because I’m sick to death, of this racist shit), we’ve got to do even more than that. We don’t know our own oceans, and we talk about theories as though they are facts. This statement applies to Science, as well as Religion, by the way. I’ve had it with the “scientist, turned showman”, to gain the funds for more research. I would prefer they actually learn something, and actually teach me something. To do this, we have to recognize that science and religion intertwine. There is a place for each, within the other, and to ignore one, in favor of the other exclusively, is just foolhardy. The only explanation for human life, must include every possible theory, until any one of those theories can be completely (and objectively) eliminated. Which means that, until death, we can’t know…and, anything goes. If we stop fighting about it, maybe we can all be taught, by each other. Unfortunately, I don’t see this happening; any sort of higher understanding; with ignorance claiming another weak mind, every moment. One must listen, to learn, even if it’s unwanted information. All things learned, can be put to good use, regardless of its source, or, genre. If we learn to listen, we will learn our own secrets, and maybe, just maybe, humanity will get along a lot better. Both, as a whole, and as individuals, seeking knowledge.

Then again, I am a dreamer.