it’s a sad day


          when all you want to do is bash your head into the nearest wall, just to refrain from hearing, the spouting ignorance of utter moronic. Those who speak the loudest, are those, most wrong, as the wiser of humankind will readily admit. The beauty of life passes them by; a blur of truth and sanctity, lost in the shuffle of a mundane chase at temporary happiness. This glee we seek, will not be found in the dollar, or, even, the hundred-dollar bill, but, in the willing and ready sacrifice of our life (as we know it) to another…be that life for; our son, daughter, nephew, niece, partner, other, mother, father, sister, brother, friend, confidant…the list goes on, forever; much like a life/soul/love.

Most of us don’t know what forever means, so we scoff at it, like a joke God plays, on we measly humans. Some of us grasp the abstract of it and can truly appreciate the unaccountably surreal of our intermingling realities, but alas, those are more inclined to “scientific” explanations of the surreal, thereby discounting fact as readily as the religious sect, who seem to revel in the glory of the imaginary God, they can’t hope to fathom. Preachers, occasionally, feel like used-car-salesman, for Jesus. Scientists, occasionally, feel like used-car-salesman, period.

It’s one thing to hope, and another, to sell out. Jesus, was a man, unlike many others. So was, Ghandi, so was, Joan of Arc, so was, Jim-Bob; the Autistic guy, down the street. It may be random of me, to say, but, this is reality… No one knows, who will get it; genetic, but not passed on; a life of K-mart T-shirts and Jeopardy exists for more of us, now, than it ever has. Ask not, my friend, what your country can do for you, but, what it has done, to you…