5 People I would most like to have…

5 People I would most like to have lunch with ( and why)


Okay…I couldn’t narrow it down to five. 10, it is…(with compunction: I may have to add without elaboration, an honorable few)

#1:     Joe Rogan

I agree with a lot of his conjuncture, to the point that it scares me. He says a great many things that I only think. For example, as a twelve-year-old, I came up with a story that the world has been killed and reborn more times than we can conceive, as mere mortals. I’ve dreamed that we are a sad experiment, of one mad “universal scientist”, with the bible placed here as a practical joke played on us by an “older” experiment, relatively. My thought process goes way out of line, as a rule, and so, I think that a conversation with Joe Rogan would top my list of lunch hours, as it were.  Several quotes, with which I could completely identify were:

“People are full off shit and the story sucks”, in relation to ‘Noah’s Ark’.

“I’m all in favor of believing that there’s a purpose to life, but, I just want it to make a little sense. That’s all…”

And, then (my favorite, as a goober who reads physics books, for fun, though she hates math; go figure): “Space is the most taken-for-granted-thing, ever.”

No shit. Everything so easy to see, is too mundane to be beautiful, to most. I can’t fathom the mindset of a wo/man, who feels that the sunset is a thing to be glimpsed, or that the stars are a force to be trivialized. True beauty lies within the recognition of it and those who refuse to acknowledge it, have lost the true meaning of whatever it is, we live.

Dream on, speak out, blunder through, Mr. Joe! 😉 I’m a dumbass, too. I understand how life would go, without mathematicians, of any brand.

2:     Michio Kaku: need I say more?

The string theory, metaphysical science, theoretical physics…  What about any of these, doesn’t intrigue/pique/enchant one’s natural curiosity?

I’m sorry…maybe it’s just me, but, I would like to understand whom/why/what we are and the purpose we serve, here. I think that the modern view of physics and what we make/have/are in and of the Universe might explain something.

3.     Dante Alighieri

Religion. Dante seemed at odds with Catholicism in his time, while remaining chaste and clean. His was a pure Dualism; a torn heart, between what the Church taught him and the blasphemy of thinking for himself which was almost sure to land him on the butcher block of a premature beheading. I would love to let him hash out those Catholic Church brainwashing sessions, to a modern and sympathetic ear. I would love, in turn, to hash out my own stigmas, in favor of the inner turmoil of a truly like soul.

4.     Cam Neely

We jocks have to converge. I’m a hockey player/fan, through and through. Mr. Gretzky, you can shove it and you know why. Mr. Samuelsson, I truly think I would literally punch you in the face, were I to meet you in the street (and I know your ugly mug).  Bobby, and Ray-Ray, I’m sorry; I love you, too. The new guys, who won the Cup I wanted for my boys, Thank you!!! You come, Lucic, Bergeron (I remember when you were a rookie, pukin’ in the corner  ;), Krejci, Horton, Marchand, Boychuuk, Chara, and the unforgotten, yet, unnamed… I love you for all that you and your predecessors have achieved.

Cam, however, brought modern hockey to a whole new level. Bad-ass checking, meets finesse puck-handling…I don’t care who you name; no one ever measured up to the intermingling of fight-me-or-fear-me hockey, the way Cam did. You had to watch out for that hip-check, but, the 90+ mph wrist shot was a blast to whom no goalie could be completely oblivious, without serious jeopardy of his/her career.

5. Wes Anderson

Why; you ask? Because, the man has gained MASS APPEAL without selling out! Wes Anderson movies embody the beauty of life without assuming any bit of the fake, trivial, or superficial. The  tiny beauty, we fail to see, the trivial moments, we can’t recognize, or, the old fires we just can’t put out; all of it, waiting to be written, and expressed.

Stay tuned…I have five more, plus honorable mentions.