Growing up, or, GIVING up?

I don’t think that anyone knows the difference, honestly. Not now. Not here. First of all, half the “grown-ups” I know, are faking it. Yeah, we don’t give a crap about Justin Bieber’s latest album (although we DESPERATELY want to introduce to him a famous poster of Farrah Fawcett and then, also, a pair of scissors), but we still know how to dance. We don’t want to go see the latest vampire movie trash, but we own every John Hughes flick, ever made. We may not, necessarily, want to admit that we still care about the big things and, subsequently, the little things that represent them, but, well, you know, we’re just as stubborn as we were, ten, or twenty, or thirty, or fifty, or a hundred years ago. What can ya do….

The thing is, we’ve forgotten to care. About the real things; the things that matter; the things that made us who we are. It’s one thing to let go of that crazy, passionate, teenage zeal for David Cassidy and Lief Garrett, or The New Kids on the Block and Boyz II Men, or, The Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber (and that goes double for the similar chick bands/acts of  the above-mentioned decades; Nancy Sinatra, Debbie Gibson, The Spice Girls; need I say more?). The truth of it is; that doesn’t mean we have to let go of all our passion. Love your kids, love your significant other; yes; but, love yourself enough to stick to your morals. Don’t sellout to be a regular Joe/Jane, for God’s sake! Few of us ever make it to those childhood fantasies (often fleeting) of the greatness we’d once achieve, but, most of us make it to so much more than what we ever saw for ourselves, as short-sighted as our visions often are.

We fail to see, too many times, the beauty within ourselves, the dreams within each other, and the faiths we’ve lost/shed/dropped along the way. In doing this, in losing our joie de vive, we lose the chance to ever be young again, ever be ourselves again, or ever understand our own kids and their wistful whims. It’s time we remember what got us here, in the first place. Our dreams. It’s time we stand for them, instead of falling at the feet of whatever easy and unsatisfying path presents itself. You must dare to dream to be.

Whatever your path, whatever your passion, however you live, or choose to be, go for it. If you are where you need to be; recognize that this is your path, be it an astronaut, or a ballerina, or a waitress, or a landscaper, or a janitor, or a dump-truck driver. Believe in true love, in happy endings, in hope, and in fairy tales. Faith will get you through the lost days, the hard days, the dead and long gone days. Remember?