I have been away for a bit; yes this is true. However, I don’t know that I would call it a “slump”, exactly. It’s definitely not Writers’ Block (that dreaded affliction), I have just been working on two separate projects very close to my heart. One is very fun to write and play with; the other…well, let’s just say the other simply must be written. It has been in my mind for so long, now (nearly six years and just about finished when I started, as I have a great deal of expertise in the area) it is absolutely pounding to get out. It’s something I feel has to be said, since it’s a subject  which most of the human populous prefers to ignore, despite the fact that its victims are many and its perpetrators the worst sort of cowards. Anyhow, it’s uncomfortable enough to be right up there with the giant taboos in proper dinner conversation (religion, politics, domestic violence; oh, my!).

I have some girls to interview for the book, and some names to change (I think I’m actually just going to assign them numbers) before it’s ready to be sent out for rejection, but, ready it soon will be. I fear sometimes, that I am stretching myself too thin. I am a single, working mother, a writer, a teacher, an all-nighter, to say the least, and with all the turmoil, I am taking on the whole of the abusive, violent population as a defender of men (yes, them, too), women, and MOST IMPORTANTLY children, who are stuck in the Cycle. Forget getting my hands dirty; I’m jumping headfirst into the muddy, bloodied arena. 

Jesus…what was I thinking. Oh well, as I said, it must be told, and I’m the one without psychobabble and jargon, to speak to those of us who couldn’t afford or weren’t given the education I self-inflicted between raw experience and good ol’ fashioned book learnin’. I guess I got off topic, but hey, rambling is probably just what my readers (thank you, for that) expect by now. 

Good night.