Since this is s…

Since this is specifically not your mom’s blog, I am going to ignore the impending holiday and write about something else. Bars, for example.

Has anyone noticed how hard it is to find a bar you like enough to go to on a semi-regular basis? I’m not talking about the guys who are there every night after work, but sporadic regulars (how’s that for oxy-moronic?), like me. I’ll frequent a place on random nights, drink different beers, maybe eat; maybe not; but I have to be comfortable with the atmosphere first.

As a woman, I tend to rate a new watering hole, first and foremost, on its creepiness factor. It’s not so much the amount of guys who hit on me, as much as it is, the type of guys and the way they go about it. Suffice it to say, I have yet to find a “regular” place in my most recent new town. And, of course, being a single mom, now, I’m much more sporadic than I ever was in my youth.

Next, I tend to rate a bar on its beer selection (I have never really been a hard liquor girl). Beer selection is important because, while I have several go-to beverages, I like to try new things. 

After that, I rate the bar on its staff, music, and overall feel. I like a ‘Cheers’ type of atmosphere and that’s hard to find in the South. Here, in Ga., only two bars I have ever been to are really comfy for me (and I worked at both of them). Manuel’s Tavern, on N. Highland in Atlanta and Maguire’s in Senioa (pretty well south of the city) are my two favorites. As for Stockbridge (Ga.; not Ma.), the jury’s still out. 

A lot of times, if I can find a little corner from which to observe my fellow man, I’m happy. Like Peter Sellers’ character  in ‘Being There’, sometimes, I just like to watch. We are, after all, a very curious species.