Worst date night, ever.

Thanks, a lot, Kane Yama, in Peachtree City, Ga. Oh, yeah, I’m calling you out.

Recently, I had a dining experience so horrid, as to inspire this letter to the offending outfit…

         …I would like to start out by saying that I have been to several comparable restaurants in the area (Kobe, Golden Bhudda, etc.) and this was the most expensive and least desirable. When I spoke to your amazingly smug, self-righteous manager “Clinton” about the fact that they refused to honor the online advertised prices, he quipped to my husband that it was “our fault we picked up a (physical) menu”. It’s your responsibility to update your own website and menus with current prices and our responsibility as your patrons, to enjoy your hospitality. Your staff was incompetent (sending a fellow waitress to deal with our table of thirty when we raised a question about the menu, rather than your surly and immature manager in the first place), your cuisine sub-par, and your managerial staff rude and largely rather stupid.
My experience was terrible and I will never again darken your doorstep, which, as it were, darkens the dining industry.
Where has customer service gone? We’ve all wanted to smart off, at some point in our lives and been forced, instead, to grit our teeth, smile, and agree; before walking away cursing under our breath like a bested, smoldering Yosemite Sam. At least, in my day, we did. What has changed? At what point did the person, whose very job description contains the actual word, hospitality, devolve into the sad, sniveling bastard who didn’t care that s/he didn’t care.
I would like to know what has happened within the past five or ten years, to produce such a large group of utter ignoramuses (or, is it ignorami?). People don’t say “excuse me” anymore, don’t hold doors open for others behind them, don’t “God bless you” when you sneeze, etc. The list goes on and on. This “my own little world” world, is starting to piss me off.
To those of you with your noses in your phones on heads up your asses, WAKE UP! Look around. Be considerate. And, most of all, do your JOB. Because, yeah, Kane Yama employee (of the month); you might spit in my food. But, I might watch your kids.
Think about it.  That’s literally all I ask, is that you think about anything.
Thanks for reading.